Leading Speaker for Dermatology Conferences 2021 - Bill E Cham
Bill E Cham
Australasian Institute of Medical Research, Vanuatu
Title : Egg plant Derived Alkaloids in Curaderm Cream Treats Skin Cancers with Outstanding Cosmetic Outcomes


In 1987 our group was first to report that alkaloids from various Solanum species, including the eggplant, exhibited anticancer properties in cell culture and in animals. Because skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer, emphasis was placed on a possible clinical application on skin cancers in humans.  With conventional treatments skin cancer can be treated effectively if they are found early.  However, if skin cancers are allowed to progress, the treatment successes with conventional therapies are reduced markedly with high probability of recurrences depending on the type and size of the skin cancers.  This is followed by the sequelae of further drastic treatments and poor cosmetic consequences.
This communication shows that the topical cream formulation Curaderm is distinctly remarkable in efficacy, safety and cosmetic outcome compared to conventional therapies when treating skin cancers either at early diagnoses or advanced stages.
The advantages of treatment with Curaderm are:
  • specificity towards cancer cells by interaction of Curaderm with specific receptors found in cancer cells but not normal cells
  • safety
  • mode of action by apoptosis
  • anti-metastatic
  • anti-cancer immunologic effects
  • kills dormant cancer cells
Examples of before, during and after treatments of skin cancer with Curaderm, together with comparative treatment procedures, will also be shown.The cosmetic outcomes of treatments with Curaderm will be highlighted.


Dr Cham studied Chemistry and obtained a Diploma in Chemistry at the University of Delft, The Netherlands.  Subsequently after migrating to Australia where he studied Biochemistry with a B.Sc. at the University of Queensland. He received his Ph.D.degree in 1982 at the School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Australia.
In 1992 he graduated as a Professorial Research Fellow. Dr Cham’s main interests are Clinical Lipidology and Oncology. Dr Cham has published three books and over 130 research articles in refereed journals.