Speaker for Dermatology Conferences 2021 - Patience Johnson
Patience Johnson
Derma Contour Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic Ltd, Nigeria
Title : Fat reduction using Lipolaser


Lipolysis is a noninvasive fat reduction and slimming Laser lipolysis procedure, which uses 4 in 1 Laser technology machine namely lipo laser, ultrasonic, radio-frequency and vacuum. The Laser light penetrates safely into the fat tissues and releases the fat from the adipose cells by bio stimulation of fat cell membrane. Clinically proven; 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just the procedure, which results in a much slimmer, tighter and smoother looking skin.


A German trained Cosmetologist and Pedagogue, an Author, International Tutor. The CEO of Derma ContourInt and Currently consulting in Nigeria at Derma Contour Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic. A primary researcher with International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Overland Park, KS USA