Committee member for Dermatology Conferences 2021 - Rafaela M Quiroga
Rafaela M Quiroga
Annandale Anti-Aging Center,USA
Title : Intradermal Fillers and the Aging Face


Dermal fillers is the second most frequent non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the USA. During the presentation we will review the science behind most common available intradermal fillers used in the past 20 years,review of facial aging, review of poli-l lactic acid for the treatment of facial HIV lipoatrophyand aging in general. Tips and Pearls of injection to get a Successful outcome.

Audience Take Away:

  • The audience will get a comprehensive review of the most common available fillers, their rheology, longevity and adverse effects based on the evolution in new product development and in the improvement of techniques of application.

  • Audience will comprehend that choosing the correct filler based on the anatomical site of injection, skin phototype and patient ethnicity together with understanding filler adverse effects and their avoidance, could dramatically decrease the risk of an adverse effect and give optimal results.

  • We will share tips and pearls of 20 years of experience injecting dermal fillers based on patient safety and quality of long term outcome.

  • They will also get a special review of our experience using poli-l lactic acid for the treatment of facial HIV lipoatrophy and Skin aging in general


Rafaela Quiroga,MD Skin and Anti Aging Specialist, received her Medical Degree from the National University “Mayor De San Simon” Medical School – Republic of Bolivia.
She was also awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine and General Surgeon on a Nationwide Basis by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bolivia. As a physician in South America, she completed a residency in Clinical Dermatology and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases in Viedma General State Hospital in Cochabamba-Bolivia. Rafaela also completed international training in prestigious hospitals in the United States and personal Mentorships with renown Dermatologists in Washington, D.C. Rafaela is an American Board Certified specialist in the clinical science of Anti-Aging Medicine and an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She had served as a faculty member and instructor of Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology at The George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. Rafaela has published articles in The American Academy Of Dermatology Blue Journal and has been involved in FDA sponsored clinical trials involving New wrinkle treatments. She has also authored a chapter entitled “Anti-Aging Medicine as it relates to Dermatology” in a medical book for physicians titled “Cosmetic Dermatology” from Springer Verlag, Germany. She sits on several scientific advisory boards and has been a consultant for Biogen pharmaceuticals, Novartis Corporation, LOREAL USA, and Vichy Laboratories USA. She is also fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and conversational in Italian. She specializes in the treatment of all skin types and groups and currently works at Annandale Anti-Aging Center in Falls Church, Virginia USA.