Speaker for Dermatology Conferences 2021 - Ahmet Karacalar
Ahmet Karacalar
Private Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey
Title : Super dry Liposuction 4D technique in leg and arm liposculpture


It is known that the extremities have only one layer of subcutaneous tissue, leaving little margin for error.This peculiarity calls for a different approach than that of the other regions. Liposuction under a tourniquet allows the surgery to be performed conscientiously and safely. The author published  this approach  as the superdry  technique for the kneecap area previously, which evolved into the superdry liposuction 4D by the influence of accumulating experience. This approach goes one step further in the process of liposculpting for both legs and arms. Over 110 patients between 19 and 54 years of age  with lipohypertophy or lipoedema  were consecutively treated by a single surgeon. In six patients, selective neurectomy of the gastrocnemius and/or gastrocnemius muscle shaving were used in conjunction with the superdry liposuction 4D.

There was significant improvement in the form, proportion and diameters of the extremities as well as a dramatic improvement of symptoms including pain, swelling. Lipoedema patients showed significant reductions in spontaneous pain, sensitivity to pressure, feeling of tension, bruising, cosmetic impairment, and general impairment to quality of life. Mean volume of aspirate was 3000 mL (range 750-6000 mL). None of the serious complications associated with liposuction were observed in this series. Minor complications including localized residual fat deposits in 4 patients that required revision under localanaesthesia and hyper pigmented scar in 4 patients were observed. The superdry 4d liposuction is capable of becoming a gold standard in the treatment of lower and upper extremity liposuction of patients with lipohypertrophy and lipoedema. However, it is a sophisticated method requiring an artistic eye and a good judgment of leg and arm curvatures and proportions that is appropriate only for experienced surgeons


Dr. Karacalar has over 20 years of experience as a plastic & aesthetic surgeon specializing in body and lower extremity contouring surgery. He obtained the position of a professor in Yeditepe University. He has also extensive experience with lipoedema treatment. He uses various art fields to develop his aesthetic sense and judgment including sculpture.He has published more than 40 research articles in SCI(E) journals and five books.