Keynote Speaker for Dermatology Conferences - Ali M Gargoom
Ali M Gargoom
Benghazi University, Libya
Title : Ultra-pulsed Carbon Dioxide Laser for the Treatment of Melanocytic Nevi


Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) even small-sized  as well as acquired melanocytic nevi (AMN) are of common cosmetic concerns and  getting rid of them remain challenging. This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the ultra-pulsed CO2 laser for the treatment melanocytic nevi. Sixteen AMN and  7 CMN in 15 male and female Libyan patients were treated with multiple sessions ultra-pulsed CO2 laser at 1-month intervals. Clinical response at 6 months after final treatment was graded as poor (< 50%), moderate (50–75%) , good (> 75% ) and excellent where the skin of the lesion returned normal as the rest of the surrounding skin .All treated nevi showed good to excellent cosmetic outcomes after 2 or 4 treatment sessions. The post laser complication were minimal and transit except for one atrophic scar. No recurrence of pigmentation during the six months of follow-up period. In Conclusions:  Ultra-pulsed CO2 laser seems to be effective  and associate with  minimum adverse side effect in the treatment of small CMN and AMN.


Doctor Ali Mohamed Gargoom  graduated from Benghazi University as MBChB in 1990.He received his MSc degree in dermatology and venereology in 1997 and then finished the MD degree in 2005.Currntly he is posted as an associated professor of dermatology in  Benghazi University and he is  the author of the first textbook of dermatology for undergraduate medical students in Libya. He has published more than 20 papers in international journals. Also he is the head of dermatology unit, faculty of Medicine, Libyan  International Medical University.