HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.

Magnus Group is delighted to invite you to the distinguished "5th Edition of International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology" (IDC 2024), a specialized event dedicated to dermatology and cosmetology. Scheduled to take place in Paris, France, from June 24-26, 2024, this event offers a unique hybrid experience, allowing participants to either attend in person at the Paris, France or Virtually from the convenience of their homes or workplaces.

Revolutionizing Skin Care Through Advances in Dermatology & Cosmetology" stands as the unique theme that will be at the forefront of the congress.

IDC 2024 stands out as an unparalleled scientific gathering, bringing together leading-edge research and fostering international collaboration. This event seeks to facilitate the interchange and integration of ideas, perspectives, and research approaches across various fields, with a primary focus on the latest advancements and discoveries in skin-related research. The forthcoming global summit of IDC in 2024 will provide a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art developments in the Dermatology and Cosmetology field. It will highlight progress made over the past decade while addressing the anticipated challenges of the future.

The primary aim of this global summit is to facilitate discussions on the latest technologies and recent discoveries in dermatology, cosmetology, and closely related fields. IDC 2024, distinguished by renowned speakers, cutting-edge methodologies, and recent advancements in Dermatology and Cosmetology, stands out as an outstanding conference. This event serves as a significant gathering that brings together a diverse and international mix of large and medium-sized companies, leading universities, and research institutions. Participants encompass researchers, scientists, academicians, healthcare professionals, doctors, caregivers, dermatologists, cosmetologists, pharmacists, and industry representatives. The conference offers an ideal platform for sharing experiences, nurturing cross-industry collaborations, and assessing emerging technologies from various corners of the globe.

This scientific gathering is meticulously crafted as an interactive event with engaging sessions and sub-sessions exploring innovation and emerging trends in surgery, trichology, skin care, and cosmetology. The agenda includes keynote lectures presented by Senior Scientists and industry experts, as well as thought-provoking panel discussions, poster competitions, and a dedicated Young Researcher Forum. The conference program is designed to foster interactive discussion sessions with distinguished and insightful speakers.

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