Dechelette Corinne, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences 2022
Dechelette Corinne
PEAUrigami, France


She studied Pharmacy and Cutaneous Biology in Lyon University, France and is double graduated as Pharm.D in 1996 and as Ph.D in 1997. She joined the research group of Dr. Odile Damour, at the Skin Substitutes Laboratory of the French National Research Center (CNRS) and contributed to the development of artificial skin for major burn patients and cosmetic testing. Then, she worked during 25 years at Pierre FABRE Dermo-Cosmetic group as Scientific Advisor of the chairman, PlatForm Research & Development / Marketing Director, Dermatology Prospective Director and Medical value Director. She is the main inventor of 5 patents relative to cosmetic actives. In 2018, she created the PEAUrigami educational-artistic concept and became in spite of herself, a plastic artist and an author of a book on the skin awarded by a literary prize.