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Hassan Zahouani, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Hassan Zahouani
Central School of Lyon, France


Hassan ZAHOUANI is a full Professor in the Laboratory of Tribology and Dynamic of Systems. (CNRS – UMR 5513) his PhD is in Bioengineering Sciences from the University of Besancon France in 1989. He obtained the Habilitation of Direction of Research from the University of Lyon in 1997. He is Associate Professor at Halmstad University, Member of EEMCO: European Group on Efficacy Measurement and Evaluation of Cosmetics and other Products.

He is leader of the team “Bioengineering of Skin and Aging”. His main activities concern the development of the Bio-engineering of the skin, multi-scale imaging, tissue engineering, Bioprinting of skin, mechanical and imaging of stem cells, mechano-transduction, ageing effect and the engineering of tactile perception. He is the President of the French Society of Skin Engineering and Imaging since 1999.