Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Ahmet Karacalar
Ahmet Karacalar
Private Clinic, Turkey

Title: Superdry liposuction 4D technique in leg and arm liposculpture

Speaker for Dermatology Conference - Gabriel Del Corral
Gabriel Del Corral
Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, USA

Title: Non-Invasive Facial Feminization

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Bill E Cham
Bill E Cham
Australasian Institute of Medical Research,Vanuatu

Title: Eggplant Derived Alkaloids in Curaderm Cream Treats Skin Cancers with Outstanding Cosmetic Outcomes

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Ahmet Karacalar
Swami Shraddhamayananda
Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, India

Title: Efficacy of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of acne- A study of 400 cases

Speaker for Dermatology Conference - Mirsaidova Munisa
Mirsaidova Munisa
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

Title: Problem of the Behcet’s disease in Uzbekistan

Speaker for Dermatology Conference - Fabio Olivieri
Fabio Olivieri
EFFEGILAB Srl Lavis, Italy

Title: Phytomelatonin and Epigenetic counteracting skin aging and regulation of keratinocyte homeostasis by modulating specific microRNAs  

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Satadal Das
Satadal Das
Regional Research Institute, CCRH, India

Title: Stratified E and L gene expressions direct molecular pathogenesis of verruca vulgaris

Keynote Speaker for Dermatology 2020 - Ali M. Gargoom
Ali M Gargoom
Libyan International Medical University, Libya

Title: Ablation of melanocytic nevi by ultra pulsed CO2 laser.