Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Ahmet Karacalar
Oral Presentation
Super dry Liposuction 4D technique in leg and arm liposculpture
Ahmet Karacalar, Private Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

It is known that the extremities have only one layer of subcutaneous tissue, leaving little margin for error.This peculiarity calls for a different approach than that of the other regions. Liposuction under a tourniquet allows the surgery to be performed conscientiously and safel [....]

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Bill E Cham
Oral Presentation
Egg plant Derived Alkaloids in Curaderm Cream Treats Skin Cancers with Outstanding Cosmetic Outcomes
Bill E Cham, Australasian Institute of Medical Research, Vanuatu

In 1987 our group was first to report that alkaloids from various Solanum species, including the eggplant, exhibited anticancer properties in cell culture and in animals. Because skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer, emphasis was placed on a possible clinical appl [....]

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Fabio Olivieri
Oral Presentation
Phytomelatonin and Epigenetic counteracting skin aging and regulation of keratinocyte homeostasis by modulating specific microRNAs
Fabio Olivieri, EFFEGILAB Srl, Italy

Phytomelatonin (PM) gained the greatest interest for its application in agriculture and its use to improve human health conditions. PM based supplement has been shown to possess antioxidant capabilities because it functions as a free radical scavenger. Reactive Oxygen Species (RO [....]

Speaker for Dermatology Conference- Gabriel Del Corral
Oral Presentation
Non-Invasive Facial Feminization
Gabriel Del Corral, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, USA

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a group of surgical procedures; the objectives of which are to change the features of a male face to that of a female face. This surgery does not aim to rejuvenate the face. FFS is carried out almost exc [....]

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Swami Shraddhamayananda
Oral Presentation
Efficacy of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of acne- A study of 400 cases
Swami Shraddhamayananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, India

Acne is the involvement of the oil glands at the base of hair follicles characterized by papular and pustular eruptions over face, forehead, chest and back. Disfigurement associated with psychological problem is the major problem of acne which commonly affects the adolescent popu [....]

Speaker for Dermatology Conference-Satadal Das
Oral Presentation
Stratified E and L gene expressions direct molecular pathogenesis of verruca vulgaris
Satadal Das, Regional Research Institute, CCRH, India

The hyperkeratotic, exophytic, dome shaped general wart of the skin usually represent verruca vulgaris, which occurs mainly due to infections of three important human papilloma viruses HPV-2, HPV-4, and HPV-40.  The virus induced restricted growth in the superficial layer le [....]

Keynote Speaker for Dermatology 2020 - Marian Dmochowski
Keynote Presentation
Biochemical-molecular and imaging techniques for diagnosing autoimmune bullous diseases
Marian Dmochowski, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland

Autoimmune bullous diseases (ABDs) are requiring precise diagnosis as generally aggressive, having potentially lethal side-effects, treatment is necessary. Nowadays, they can be reliably diagnosed using a combination approach with biochemical-molecular and imaging techniques. Tak [....]

Keynote Speaker for Dermatology 2020 - Ali M Gargoom
Keynote Presentation
Ultra-pulsed Carbon Dioxide Laser for the Treatment of Melanocytic Nevi
Ali M Gargoom, Benghazi University, Libya

Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) even small-sized  as well as acquired melanocytic nevi (AMN) are of common cosmetic concerns and  getting rid of them remain challenging. This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the ultra-pulsed CO2 laser for the [....]

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