HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.
Shazia A Ali, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Al-Tababah Specialized Clinics, United Kingdom
Title : Updates On Facial Aging


Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine are relatively new branches of medicine.The intricate micro as well as macro changes that occur over time leading to the 3D change in the facial shape needs to be understood more clearly. New studies and evidence-based research is constantly and incessantly targeting the aging phenomenon in order to better understand and explain these intricate anatomical changes. All this groundwork leads us to more accurate treatment solutions, which are based on verified principles. The speaker will talk in detail about all these anatomical changes, layer by layer that happen in the face over time backed by science. The ultimate goal is to help the aesthetic clinicians to be able to device reconstructive plans that can address the natural 3D facial shape correction.


Dr Shazia got her basic training at the department of Dermatology Heath University Hospital, Cardiff Wales, in United Kingdom. She holds Masters degree in the field of Dermatological Sciences. She got an early start in aesthetic and Laser dermatology as part of her basic training; which gave her an edge as a practicing cosmetic dermatologist and becoming one of the pioneer names in the field of aesthetics. Actually her mother institute is so proud of her accomplishments that she has been chosen to be the brand Ambassador for University of Wales College of Medicine. She is active in many professional societies like American Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine, International Academy of Cosmetic dermatology, World Society of Anti Aging Medicine, International academy of Anti Aging Medicine, IMCAS etc.