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Rajkiran Takharya, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Manipal Tata Medical College, India
Title : Comparison of efficacy of 40% mandelic acid with 30% salicylic acid peels in mild to moderate acne vulgaris


Introduction: Chemical Peel is a cosmetic procedure that is becoming a popular modality in treating acne vulgaris (AV). Mandelic acid (MA) is an upcoming peeling agent for AV due to its anti?inflammatory and antibacterial traits. Hence, it is worthwhile to appraise this newer agent's effectiveness and safety profile and compare it with a more traditional and established peeling agent, salicylic acid (SA), in the treatment of AV.

Aims: Comparison of efficacy of 40% MA with 30% SA peels in south Indian patients suffering from mild?to?moderate facial AV.

Methods and Material: One  hundred patients suffering from mild?to?moderate facial AV were distributed randomly into two groups of 50 each, with group A receiving 40% MA peel and group B receiving 30% SA peel at an interval of two weeks for six sessions. The duration of the study was twelve weeks. Clinical pictures and Michaelsson acne scores (MAS) were used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment objectively. Adverse effects of both the peeling agents were also noted.

Results: Overall, there was no significant difference in the efficacy between the two peels. However, adverse effects were slightly higher with SA peel.

Conclusions: The 40% MA peel was equally effective as 30% SA peel in mild?to?moderate facial AV. However, safety profile and tolerability were better in the MA peel group than the SA peel group.


Rajkiran Takharya is a Senior Resident, Working in MANIPAL TATA MEDICAL COLLEGE, Situated in Jamshedpur State - Jharkhand INDIA.  Dedicated doctor who is committed to providing exceptional care to all patients. A young budding dermatologist with knowledge in variety of areas including clinical care, small/minor surgical and cosmetic procedures, and research. Interested in working with latest technology in respect with cosmetic dermatology and procedures.