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Jyoti Aneja, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
La Grace, India
Title : Ear Lobe Repair, now a lunch-break affair


Introduction: The earlobe is an anatomical structure of small dimensions without specific function, but with a significant aesthetic role. It is the most defining part of the structure of an ear. Age however alters the shape, width and length of the lobe due to sagging, can lead to ear lobe ptosis, deflation, vertical rhytides and earlobe tears. And thus in comparison to other aesthetic elements of the ear, it demands correction. Piercing of the earlobes has been performed in both sexes for thousands of years for social, religious and cosmetic purposes, in the most primitive as well as the most affluent culture. Prolonged traction due to heavy earrings, traumatic clefts, age related sagging, and many more such reasons warrant ear lobe repair. With an abundant blood supply and without cartilaginous tissue, the challenge underlying its reconstruction is related to the difficulty in obtaining a longstanding and aesthetically acceptable outcome. Also, most patients expect a expedient repair so that they can soon enough wear earrings.
Procedure: Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers can be used to inject into the ear lobe defects for a quick correction.  With the help of a 27-30g needle, under the effect of a local anaesthesia,  by linear threading and serial puncturing technique, around 0.2-0.4ml of filler would suffice to correct the defects in one lobule. The procedure, in skilled hands does not last for more than a few minutes with the benefit of immediate results. The results can be precisely titrated by varying the volume and site of injection. it also gives the advantage of preserving the primary perforation without the need to go through a re-puncture at a different site.
Results: Immediate post procedure pictures in comparison to pre procedure pictures, show a drastic improvement with filling of the defect effectively.
Conclusion: Being minimally invasive with a zero downtime, and comparable results to an invasive corrective surgery, this surely is a worthy option for treatment.


Dr. Jyoti Aneja is a board certified dermatologist, Founder & Medical Director of La Grace Luxury Skin Clinic, off Bandstand, Mumbai, which has become a benchmark of professionalism meets tranquility, where the patients are made to believe that less is more. A favourite with Bollywood celebrities, sportspersons and the elite she is also a visiting consultant at the prestigious Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai and Zayn Skin Clinic Pune. An ace at multitasking, She is a dermatologist, motivational speaker, writer and a medical trainer for Allergan Medical Institute. Having trained one on one with the best in the field of aesthetic medicine viz. Dr. Mauricio de Maio, Dr. Arthur Swift, Dr. Raj Aquilla, Dr. Zein Obagi, Dr. Zack Ally, Dr. Woffles Wu, Dr. Steven Liew, Dr. Welf Prager, Dr. Greg Goodman to name a few. In addition to being a faculty and KOL at major conferences in India, she has lectured extensively in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia representing India at the most prestigious AMWC World congress, IMCAS World, 5 Continent congress Barcelona, IMCAS Bali, Dubai Derma ,Emirates Derma ,ICAD Asia ,SOCHIMNE 2022 Chile, RECOGYN 2022, AestheticConf and the list goes on. She’s scheduled to be speaking about the latest innovations in regenerative aesthetics at the esteemed AMWC Taiwan 2023 and FACE London. Having being featured in FORBES India, Femina, Cosmpolitan, Bombay times, Mid Day you can also hear her regularly on Radiocity & Radiomirchi. Her constant tryst is to provide a more holistic approach to treating skin conditions and providing anti-ageing solutions and graceful transformations to men and women alike while sticking to her Less is More principle. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family & friends and create content for her social media personally in a bid to educate & empower the youth.