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Monica Trifitriana, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Sriwijaya University, Indonesia
Title : Global trends and publication on secretome in dermatology practice: A bibliometrics analysis from 2003 to 2023


Introduction: The secretome, also known as conditioned medium, is a collection of proteins and other molecules secreted by Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), has been increasingly studied for its potential applications in dermatology practice. However, there has been limited bibliometric analysis to understand the global trends in this field.
Objective: To analyze the global trends and publication activity related to secretome in dermatology practice through bibliometrics analysis.
Method: A systematic search was performed using the Web of Science Core Collection database to identify relevant publications on secretome in dermatology practice from 2003 to 2023. Statistical analyses were performed using Excel and VOSviewer software. Various bibliometric indicators were analyzed to evaluate the publication trends, research topics, and collaboration networks.
Result: A total of 301 articles with H-index 45 and 20,74 citations per paper related to secretome in dermatology practice were identified. The annual publication output showed an upward trend, with a peak in 2022. The United States (57) had the highest number of publications, followed by China (37) and Germany (37). The most common research topics were wound healing, skin regenerative & rejuvenation, inflammatory skin diseases, skin cancer and hair growth. For promising hotspots, “exosomes and regenerative medicine” showed the highest, followed by “senescence”, “photoaging”, and “wound repair”
Conclusion: Our bibliometric analysis demonstrates that secretome research in dermatology practice has been an increasingly studied field with potential applications in the development of novel therapeutics for skin disorders. Collaboration among researchers and countries is crucial for advancing secretome research in dermatology practice.
Keywords: Secretome, dermatology, bibliometrics, publication trends, research topics.


Dr. Monica studied about medicine at Sriwijaya University, Indonesia and graduated as MD in 2019. She then joined the research group with any of consultant doctors in indonesia. She received her scholarship from LPDP to continue her study. Nowadays, She has published 10 research articles in journals based on scopus.