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Jose Eduardo Lintz, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Clinica Eduardo Lintz, Brazil
Title : High smas face lifting


The author shows his experience on face treatment, enphasizing the SMAS treatment. The face lifting is one of the most common surgeries in the world and in Brazil. Following the Pitanguy approach, Dr Lintz presents its variations on face treatment, specialy with Smas treatment. After more than 2000 patients submmitted to face lifting at his clinic, Dr Lintz shows important details on SMAS dissection. The Dr Lintz’s preferred technique  is the HIGH SMAS, that provides a total and natural face’s treatment with long terms results.


Dr Lintz has been graduated in Medicine in 1995, general surgery from 1996-1997 and Plastic Surgery from 1998-2001at Pitanguy’s Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Assistent professor at Pitanguy’s Institute from 2008-2019.President of aexpi (pitanguy alumni association), Brazilian society of plastic surgery, American society of plastic surgeons, International society of aesthetic plastic surgery, American society of aesthetic plastic surgery (the aesthetic society), Chief of plastic surgery service of the heart hospital (hcor -sp).