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 Dyll Turner, Speaker at Dermatology conferences 2023
American Nurses Association, United States
Title : Low glycemic index and glycemic load in reducing acne vulgaris


Acne Vulgaris (AV) leads to a massive negative impact on the developmental, emotional, psychological and psychosocial aspects of the person who suffers from the physical sequelae of scarring and hyperpigmentation (Oge, et al., 2019).

Research articles that have studied the impact and relationship of diet in reducing the severity of acne vulgaris amongst adolescents and young adults are reviewed and analyzed with glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) diet as the main focus.

The present review does not directly show low GI and GL diet in reducing AV ; however, it greatly suggests a strong association of high carbohydrate diet in causing the incidence and severity of AV.