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Minja Coelho, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Elite Med Sanctyary Cove, Australia
Title : Practical treatment for jacquet erosive diaper dermatitis


Jacquet erosive diaper dermatitis (JEDD) is a rare severe form of diaper dermatitis, associated with friction and irritant exposure in the diaper area. It typically causes erosive erythematous punched out ulcerations. Clinical and histopathological overlap of JEDD, granuloma gluteale infantum and perianal pesudeverrucous papules and nodules has been noted, suggesting that all three area a subtype of severe diaper dermatitis. We present two cases of JEDD following use of common commercially available diaper barrier cream that was subsequently recalled due to risk of irritation. Topical sucralfate in various strengths has been reported to have a clinical benefit in numerous mucocutaneous conditions yet only a few cases report the use of topical sucralfate 4% for management of JEDD, given its propensity to reduce healing time and alleviate discomfort. Both patients had received various other treatments without having significant clinical improvement. However, in both instances a clinical improvement was noted with regular and continuous use of 4% topical sucralfate at recommended intervals, further supporting its use as a first line treatment. The practical use of topical sucralfate may be useful in all three manifestations of severe diaper dermatitis.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • The clinical benefit reported in our cases further supports the use of 4% sucralfate. JEDD is both painful and distressing and at present doesn’t not have a recommended first line treatment. This will provide a first line safe option for the treating clinicians that is simple to apply, safe, non-invasive, and has the potential to decrease the initiation and use of multiple other treatment.
  • It provides a practical approach for treating JEDD as well as other forms of severe diaper dermatitis in clinical setting. In turn, it may provide an incentive for further research in management of severe diaper dermatitis.
  • Clinical cases of rarer conditions offer a first encounter to clinical presentation features as well as trials in management. Thus, increasing the pool of data and providing valuable clinical information that may benefit other faculty


Dr Minja Coelho completed her MBBS at University of Wollongong, Australia, having previously completed BMedSci/BCommerce at the same institution. She has worked as a general practitioner for several years and in 2019 she obtained her FRACGP. Dr Coelho has a special interest in Dermatology and is currently undertaking MMed(Skin Cancer) while maintaining her role as a General Practitioner.