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Shaolin Hong, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Beijing Zell Cosmetic Clinic, China
Title : Salicylic acid peel combining with non-ablative fractional laser: Case study for adult acne therapy


Purpose: Salicylic acid peel and non-ablative fractional laser have both shown beneficial results on adult acne vulgaris and breakout. The purpose of this clinical study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of combing 1540nm non-ablative fractional laser and delayed-release SA peel for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne lesions.
Design: Patients were assigned to receive 1540nm non-ablative fractional laser treatment. Each patient had three times laser treatment with 4 weeks interval. Immediately after laser therapy, they were applied with 30% delayed-release SA peel up to 5 - 10 minutes. The SA peel was applied every 2 weeks, totally 5 times. Laser fluence used was 38-50 mJ/mb and 320mb/cm2 fractional density at 2-4 passes, depending on the treatment mode. At each treatment point total acne counts were recorded for comparison. Treatment efficacy was assessed by the study investigator at the final clinic visit, using a 5-point Global Aesthetic Index (GAI) from ‘0-No improvement’ to ‘4-Significantly marked improvement.
Summary: 5 Chinese subjects (1 male, 4 females; mean age 30±8 years) with Fitzpatrick Skin Types II-III were treated for various types of facial acne (5 subjects with inflammatory acne papule or pustule, 4 subjects with PIH, 1 subject with obvious acne scar). Two subjects had only three treatment visits. All patients had follow-up visits for efficacy assessments. The majority of subjects (4 patients) showed moderate to significantly improvement. All 5 subjects demonstrated some improvement. Total inflammatory acne lesion reduction was 80% at 8 weeks. There were no reports of post inflammatory pigmentation or adverse events. All patients had very short time post-procedure redness and edema as couple hours to one day.
Conclusion: By combing SA peel and 1540 nm non-ablative fractional laser, we were able to improve adult acne outcomes by optimal clinical safety and efficacy, minimize post procedure downtime, enhance patient’s compliance and satisfaction.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • The prevalence of azole-resistant A. fumigatus in China
  • The mutation mechanism of azole-resistant A. fumigatus identified in China.
  • Current situation of the treatment of Aspergillosis in China


Dr. Shaolin Hong practices in Beijing urban area. He graduated with master degree from Peking University Health Science Center and doctorate degree in 2002 from Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He joined Duke University Medical Center and University of Miami Cosmetic Center as research fellow during 2003 to 2008. He is now medical director of Beijing Zell Cosmetic Clinic.