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Mohammad Sajid Mughal, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Zayn Skin Clinic, India
Title : A revolution in hair loss treatment - Early FUE hair transplant using cutting-edge techniques


FUE hair transplant was done in multiple individuals with early hair loss, Grade 2-4, And those with miniaturization. Usage of blood vessels of pre existing grafts for the newly transplanted hair was conceptualized and VEGF along with other growth factors were used for prevention of immediate telogen phase after transplant. Grafts were stored in a peptide rich solution during the procedure. Followup of hair transplant was done with growth factor serum therapy monthly for four months to shorten the post telogen phase. It was observed, FUE hair transplant, if done in early stages of balding or in miniaturization resulted in better results with thicker long-lasting hair and also the introduction of growth factors in serum therapy helped maintain the results for a longer duration and also to prevent further expansion of the balding area. The pre-existing hair fall also got under control with the introduction of hair transplant at early stages and usage combination growth factor therapies. Transplants done in early stages specially during miniaturization decreased the chances of the existing hair going extinct in the near future. Hair transplant can be used as a first line of treatment in early baldness and miniaturization. It can also  prevent further loss and patients can observe dreamy results from the correct timing of transplant in combination with the growth factor therapies.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Apply new techniques to achieve great results in FUE hair transplant
  • Understand and put in practice the right age & stage of hair transplant
  • This research that other faculty could use to expand their research or teaching
  • This research provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient
  • It improves the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem


Dr. Mohammad Sajid Mughal studied MBBS at TSMU, Ukraine in 2008 and did his post graduate diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University, UK in 2014. He then joined Inlaks hospital in Pune,India as a fellow and started his own clinic - Zayn Skin and hair clinic in 2016. He also worked as a faculty in Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and has also been attending and presenting as a faculty in multiple platforms and international conferences like IMCAS , AMWC , ICAD , 5CC etc over a period of last 6 years.