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Nalini Kaul, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Princeton Consumer Research, Canada
Title : Anti-aging skin care with emphasis on skin radiance in brightening uneven skin tone in a 12-week clinical design


Our daily skin care routine affects our skin’s complexion and its overall health.  Very early, we are told to cleanse, moisturize, protect and prevent our skin not only from dirt and disease but also from aging and environment factors, which otherwise, can result, in wrinkling, rough texture, dullness and hyperpigmentation. There is abundance of cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and antipollution products for various skin type needs-dry, oily, normal or combination. Hydrated, radiant skin, clear complexion are most sought-after skin attributes. Makeup products are chosen for anti-aging, camouflaging pigmentation and brightening skin. Our objective was to test a skin care product for its antiaging and brightening potential during a 12-week clinical trial. 30F (35-65y) who gave signed informed consent and met the inclusion.exclusion criteria wee enrolled. Subjects used TA twice daily (AM&PM). Facial skin health, brightness/radiance, smoothness, hyperpigmentation, and skin tone evenness evaluated by expert grader and bio-instrumentation for radiance (Glossymeter®), hydration-(Corneometer®) and pigmentation-(Colorimeter®) were included. Photography with VISIA-CR® and subject self-perception were collected. Our results showed statistically significant improvement of wrinkles, fine lines, overall skin health, skin texture and the effect to help brighten the look of uneven skin tone at various time points compared to baseline. Instruments showed skin hydration and radiance to increase, affecting uneven skin tone. VISIA photos and SPQs showed improvement. In conclusion, skin care formulations with ingredients with proven efficacy can help deliver a plethora of benefits and empower the consumer with better choices for their personal skin care needs.

Audience Take Away Notes :

This will help understand our skin needs as we age and how products are tested in a clinical trial. It will make people aware of latest techniques used in skin testing like expert grading ,various bioinstruments and consumer perception. Skin radiance and hyperpigmentation are hot  fields in dermatology and new products with novel ingredients need to be tested for safety and efficacy and the scientific information collected. Information obtained from a well thought out clinical design is valuable during product development and also at the marketing stages for claim substantiation in  differentiating  one product  from others, thus empowering the consumer  to make a better choice.


Dr Nalini Kaul completed her Master of Science in Biochemistry from Kashmir University in India and her PhD. from the reputed PGIME&R Chandigarh, India. She got her post-doctoral training at St Boniface General Hospital Winnipeg Canada and at the University of Southern California, USA. Thereafter she took a Senior Scientist position at the University of Dallas, Texas. Following her return to Canada in 2000 she worked as Technical Director on Clinical trials with Hill Top Research and then, moved on to hold a joint appointment as Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs and Director of Clinical Trials with Source Nutraceutical Inc. At present she is Vice President of Technical services at Princeton Consumer Research, a CRO conducting clinical trials serving North American and the UK. She serves as technical expert, advising and consulting with clients. She has been an Investigator on many trials related to skin, antiaging, hair care, dandruff, photobiology, dietary supplements, probiotics, the microbiome and more. She has published 40 papers in national and international journals, has several book chapters, magazine articles, other writeups to her credit and has presented widely at conferences, both nationally and internationally. Research experience involves: Cosmetics, Natural Health Products/ dietary supplements, Veterinary products, and OTC drugs. She regularly consults on efficacy and safety studies involving Antiaging; hydration, barrier disruption, antidandruff, patch testing, sunscreen use antiperspirants/deodorants, supplements, devices and use tests.