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Kelly Frasier, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Nuvance Health Medical Center, United States
Title : Artificial intelligence in dermoscopy: Advancements, challenges, and future directions for early skin cancer detection


Our review provides a comprehensive review of the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dermoscopy for the early detection of skin cancer. The study examines the recent advancements in AI and machine learning algorithms employed in the analysis of dermoscopic images, offering insights into their accuracy, limitations, and challenges. A critical examination of the current state of AI applications reveals their potential impact on clinical practice, as they contribute to the timely identification of skin cancer. Additionally, we highlight areas for further research, emphasizing the need for refining algorithms, addressing obstacles, and exploring new avenues to enhance the effectiveness of AI in dermatological diagnosis. The synthesis of existing knowledge and identification of gaps in research provide a foundation for future investigations aimed at optimizing AI-based tools for skin cancer detection.