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Hitha BS, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Title : Comparative study between punch exicision and electrocautery in the treatment of trichoepithelioma


Trichoepitheliomas are benign cutaneous neoplasms that occur mostly on the face.There are 2 presentations- a hereditary multiple form affecting the nasolabial sulci,nose, and forehead of young adults and a non-hereditary solitary form affecting adults.Various treatments like electrocautery,cryotherapy,dermaabrasion,TCA application ,Retinoic acid,radiation therapy, CO2 laser and surgery have all been used for the palliative of the trichoepitheliomas.
Aim&Objectives: To compare the cosmetic efficacy of punch excision and electrocautery in the treatment of trichoepitheliomas.
Materials and Methods-In the treatment of 5 multiple trichoepithelioma patients attending JJM Medical college from may 2019 to oct 2020, two modalities of treatment that is punch excision and electrodesiccation were tried in each patient at two different sites simultaneously.Disposable punch instrument of sizes between 2mm to 4mm were used. Electrodesiccation was done using angle tipped needle electrode. Treatment duration , response to treatment and follow up were analysed.
Results: All the patients were young female between 17 to 21yrs.Lesions treated with punch excision of various sizes(max 4mm) gave good results in a follow up after 1 month with minimal scarring whereas lesions treated with electrodesiccation led to scarring in 1st month follow up and eventually scarring decreased with subsequent follow up of 1 month gap and gave good cosmetic response.
Conclusion: Both punch excision and electrocautery are equally effective treatment options for trichoepithelioma, but results with punch excision is achieved quite early with respect to the electrocautery.

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Dr Hitha BS studied Bachelor in medicine and bachelor in surgery at the Mysore Medical College, Karnataka, India and graduated as MBBS in 2019.She then joined the post graduate in Dermatology department of JayaJagadguru Murugarajendra Medical college, Davangere, Karnataka, India and graduated in 2022. Have 5 oral paper presentations and 8 poster presentations at the national conference, India. Right now working as Senior Resident in the department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology in Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences, Belagavi, Karnataka, India.