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Vsevolod Akulinkin, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
The Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation
Title : Melanoma diagnostics in dermatocosmetological practice


Melanoma, a malignant tumor of melanocytes, is one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer and poses significant diagnostic challenges in dermatocosmetological practice. Early detection and accurate diagnosis are crucial for improving patient outcomes. This presentation discusses the advancements in melanoma diagnostics, emphasizing non-invasive techniques and their integration into cosmetic dermatology settings. We review the latest diagnostic tools, including dermatoscopy and digital imaging, which allow for detailed examination of suspicious lesions. The role organising national event like Early melanoma diagnostics day in national healthcare improvement is also explored. Moscow has established an effective system for the detection, differential diagnosis and monitoring of melanoma in patients. Additionally, we highlight the importance of professional training in the interpretation of diagnostic results to reduce the incidence of false positives and negatives. The presentation concludes with recommendations for a multidisciplinary approach, combining dermatocosmetological expertise with advanced diagnostic technologies, to achieve early and precise melanoma detection, ultimately leading to better prognoses and patient care.

Audience Take Away Notes:


  • Melanoma-provoking factors
  • Role of a national event in melanoma diagnostics
  • Equipment used in Russian dermatological centers
  • Melanoma related statistics based on dermatological practice in Russia



Dr. Akulinkin is presenting the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. In his field of interest there is dermatology and research of optical methods used for diagnostics of pathologic damages. Dr. Akulinkin has presented previously at 4th Edition of International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology (IDC 2023) in Tokyo, Japan and on 8th MEIDAM Conference & Exhibition scientific program in Dubai, OAE. He has as well participated in training program at BANOBAGI Dermatology Clinic in Seoul, South Korea.