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Sowmya N Dogiparthi, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Department of Dermatology, India
Title : Natural economical fillers for rejuvination


At the age of thirty, one starts to notice changes in our appearance, especially the face and neck. Pre disposing factors such as genetics, stress, and smoking, poor skin care can lead to pre mature aging. This aging is predominantly seen around eyes, prominent naso - labial folds and saggy neck/prominent neck lines. Such sudden changes in one’s appearance can lead to low self esteem; thus reducing self confidence. Till day a quick fix for such concerns are the expensive hyaluronic acid injections (fillers). But unfortunately due to high expenses of such procedures many avoid them. An alternate to such procedures is your “own blood!” So PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin and is derived from your own blood. The solution contains a concentrated mix of fibrin, growth factors, and white blood cells. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) under-eye is a method that uses platelets and other growth factors found in the body. Indeed, PRF includes a high concentration of different cytokines that aid in tissue regeneration and stem cell repair. When we inject the PRF into the targeted areas, we can stimulate the natural healing process. As a result, PRF can improve skin tone, texture, and volume. A small amount of blood is drawn and placed into a specialized centrifuge that separates PRF from red blood cells. The end result is your unique PRF. The solution is then injected into the desired area. Once injected, the platelets bind with the fibrin scaffold, releasing growth factors as the PRF is activated. The healing process begins. This helps create new collagen production, skin cell growth, and blood vessel to develop. In a way, think of PRF injections as your unique, personal, natural skin rejuvenation serum. Besides aesthetic concerns; PRF can be used to accentuate the healing process of ulcers.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Platelet rich fibrin therapy and its uses
  • An aesthetic physician will only need minimum equipment in their workspace to carry out the procedure, and it is economical for the patients
  • This procedure can be carried out by general surgeons and plastic surgeons
  • In Hyaluronic acid filler injections can lead to granuloma formations in long term. In PRF since it is autologous it is absolutely safe
  • A new way to rejuvenate the skin without fear


Dr Sowmya Dogiparthi, is a renowned Dermatologist/Cosmetologist from India, who has received multiple awards for her expertise in the field of dermatology, She has been invited as speaker for many national & international conferences. She has authored in dermatology textbooks along with multiple publications under her name. She graduated in MD Dermatology from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai India in 2011. At present runs her own clinic; Dermipure Dermaclinic. Works as a professor in Shri Satya Sai Medical college and a Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospitals