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Vivian Li, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Nuvance Health Vassar Brothers Medical Center, United States
Title : New age masculinity: The rise of male cosmetology


The landscape of male cosmetology is experiencing a notable shift, marked by a rising trend of men seeking cosmetic treatments for various aesthetic concerns. This paradigmatic evolution is driven by shifting societal norms, increased awareness of grooming and self-care, and advancements in cosmetic procedures tailored to male anatomy. While historically dominated by female clientele, the male cosmetic market is witnessing a surge in demand for treatments ranging from injectables and laser therapies to hair restoration and skincare regimens. Specific concerns for males, including addressing signs of aging, enhancing facial contours, and combating hair loss, underscore the importance of gender-specific approaches in cosmetic dermatology. Future research should focus on unique anatomical and physiological differences between male and female skin, optimizing treatment outcomes, and tailoring cosmetic interventions to meet the distinct needs and preferences of male patients. Additionally, addressing societal stigmas and misconceptions surrounding male cosmetology is crucial for fostering inclusivity and promoting holistic approaches to male grooming and self-image enhancement.