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Shankar Lal Garg, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
World Researchers Associations, India
Title : Recent trends of organic cosmetics


Beauty industry came in equal proportions from premium and mass brands. Skin-care and hair-care dominated the global market and future potential lies especially in facial moisturizers, anti-agers and face masks.  Most important is the sophistication of beauty habits. Opportunities for growth include popular beauty formats in one market which could take off in another.The young population is eager to try new brands. Fragrance is at the heart of beauty ritual and accounts for 30% of products sold, followed by hair-care at 20%, skincare at 10% and colour at 5%.  Beauty brands must also take into account high heat and humidity which can affect the way products react on the skin. Smart technology is responsible for the development of new beauty tools which help to boost the efficacy and functionality of the beauty routine. Efficacy improvements and personalization are key growth drivers of the ongoing beauty device boom. These days, many women go outside for beauty treatments and even invite the people at home for hair removal, hair treatments, skin lightening or tanning, body treatments, hand and nail treatments and facials. People are now changing their beauty looks according to how they look in selfies . People want to look good on their own stage…cosmetic companies must adapt to this. From organic food to clothes to cosmetics – it certainly seems that the world society is slowly making leaps towards going all-organic. Perhaps the most glaring setback to organic products is the high cost. Organic cosmetics and personal care products are more than 40-50% higher than conventional cosmetics. United Nations Environment Program(UNEP) has set the theme as “Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care”, to tell the world to choose what they consume wisely, responsible and ethically. Come on, let all of us should Save Earth and should make our living planet to be more beautiful and more organic to live.


Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal Garg is a reputed academician, researcher and editor of various journals. He has planted 35000 trees on a barren rocky hillock in India to treat the people from various diseases and to produce sustainable organic products for health care and beauty. 70 students have done Ph.D. under his supervision. He has published many papers in indexed journals and he has travelled to more than 75 countries.