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Ricardo Hoogstra, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina
Title : Aesthetic Blepharoplasty without skin Resection


Aesthetic Blepharoplasty is one of the most frequent procedures. Despite of his simplicity., complications are very frequents also in the hands of very expertise plastic surgeons. The most frequent side effect of upper blepharoplasty is the descend of the eyebrow.,which give to the patient aspect of tireness, sadness and elderness Other side effect is the extensive scar. To avoid this kind of complictions since 1995 i began to develope a technique to remove the upper eyelids fat bags through a stab incisión and tightening the upper and lower eyelid skin with carbón dioxide laser. Since 2016 i began to tihgtening the skin with HIFU alone or assocciated wiht c02 laser.


Ricardo Hoogstra is 62 years old. He was born in and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1981 he begin his residence of general surgeon. in 1984 Vascular surgery, In 1985 Plastic and reconstructive surgery. He was chief of plastic surgery of Penna Hospital Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1995 he began to work with different kind of Laser technology. He performed several meeting about laser, use and security. His research with engineers in laser and anatomopatologys bought the best way of using laser. Many M.D around the world come to his clinic in Bs. As. Argentina to get training. Also he flied to different countries to train professors and their staff. He developed new techniques to removed cysts and tumors with out skin removed using laser technology. He found new treatments for the acne and rosacea using technology. He think with his research he can help people to bring solution to difficult diseases until now have very little improvement, also can reduce the skin secuelaes produced for conventional surgeries in many dermatologic pathology’s.