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Adolfo Napolez, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, United States
Title : E-BABE- complications, unfavorable results and critical analysis of the double eyelid procedure


The Double Eyelid Procedure is one that is potentially fraught with unfavorable results as well as numerous complications due to the fact it is a procedure based predominantly on symmetry, precision and tissue characteristics with errors measured in millimeters. Coupled with significant expectations often times unrealistic from the patient’s perspective. Who may routinely view a normal, expected outcome as an unfavorable result. Potentially unfavorable results can range from crease size dissatisfaction, relapse to a single eyelid, asymmetry, multiple creases as well as high or thick fold. Whereas, possible complications can range from ectropion, ptosis, ocular injury, hypertrophic scarring, milia as well as suture granuloma. There is probably no other facial cosmetic surgical procedure that is more dependent on exactness and precision, coupled with patient expectations and visibility then the Double Eyelid operation.


Adolfo Napolez M.D. graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine followed by a General Surgery Residency at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and followed that up with a Burn Surgery Chief Residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and finally a two year Fellowship in General Cosmetic Surgery, highlighting Asian Cosmetic Surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery, as well as a member of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Napolez has published articles in 5 different Medical Journals, as well as a chapter Author in a textbook on Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He has twice been selected as one of America’s Top Surgeons in Cosmetic Surgery, as well as a Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine. Dr. Napolez recently presented at the 5CC Cannes (France) 2015, 6th 5CC Aesthetic and Laser Conference and is scheduled to speak later this year in both Manchester, United Kingdom, and Barcelona, Spain.