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Hyung Woo Yim, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Forever Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea, Republic of
Title : Efficacy of kinesio taping in the early postoperative period


Kinesio taping (KT) is used worldwide to prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries.
This study is to investigate whether the application of KT prevents or decreases bruises, swelling, and pain after surgery,
thus improves patients’ postoperative morbidity.
Materials and methods
An open-label, randomized clinical trial.
KT was applied directly after surgery and maintained for 10 days.
Patient surveys and physician ratings were obtained
12 Sprague-Dawley male rats were also used to evaluate the bruise healing effect of KT.
The study included 231 patients
187 females and 34 males; mean age, 39.5 yrs.
KT Application decreased the swelling by more than 50% during the first 2 days after surgery.
In bruise-induced rat model, histological evaluation revealed that the microcirculation of injured subcutaneous tissue
was accelerated after KT application.
KT after surgery is a simple, less traumatic, and effective approach for managing postoperative bruise, and swelling that
are free from systemic adverse reactions, thus enables early return to normal daily life.


Hyung Woo Yim is working at the Forever plastic surgery clinic, Korea