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Julieta Peralta Arambulo, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Philippine Dermatological Society, Philippines
Title : Eyebrow transplant and/or eyebrow microblading, different options to augment or restore the brows


Eyebrow contour provides facial expression and is significantly important to a person’s appearance, contributing to the femininity or masculinity of the face. Without them, a person feels incomplete, self-conscious, and unnatural and this can cause great distress and anxiety for the individual

As a hair transplant specialist I find that patients have different eyebrow goals that it becomes important and necessary to offer the medical, non-surgical and surgical treatment options now available to provide a satisfactory solution

Eyebrow transplantation is an advanced and very difficult procedure, however in the hands of experts, it is highly effective and successful when restoring or augmenting the eyebrows. The procedure is performed by strip follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or by follicular unit extraction (FUE). The goal is to create a satisfactory and natural- looking transplanted eyebrow shape according to the patients’ desire. The procedure is even more challenging and difficult in patients who prefer the FUE technique

The surgeon must pay attention to the details of the procedure, including keeping the ultra-fine grafts viable, using an implanter to reduce trauma during graft placement, and planting at an acute angle, with hair curl correctly oriented towards the epidermis In my experience even after just one session, patients are satisfied and happy with the results.

But not all patients like surgery and not all are suitable candidates for surgery like in conditions called Alopecia Areata. The good news is cosmetic tattoos have been used for decades by men and women to camouflage their balding and thinning eyebrows and this has become an art form now used by dermatologists, hair restoration specialists and cosmetic surgeons with better outcomes.

Eyebrow microblading a semi - permanent cosmetic tattoo, is now a popular non- surgical treatment option to create the natural look of a fuller eyebrows and it can be used as an adjunct to eyebrow transplant procedure. Microblading re- creates each and every eyebrow hair mimicking real hair. In my practice, its use has been applied to a wide variety of pathologies of the hair, medical and surgical alopecias involving the eyebrows. Just like hair transplant, micropigmentation procedure requires knowledge, innate artistic passion and a highly experienced practitioner to generate excellent cosmetic outcomes. The tactile skills developed through experience with the choice of instrument that deliver the right color of pigment at the right depth and duration of the injections is, I believe, the important factor to simulate the human hair for camouflage in partial or complete hair loss of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplant and Eyebrow Microblading are both a perfect combination of a masterful technique and art form. In my experience they are both safe and effective procedure and proper selection of patients is essential to produce a natural look undetectable by other people.


Dr. Julieta Peralta- Arambulo, is a graduate of the Far Eastern University Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation and completed her Dermatology specialty training in the Skin and Cancer Foundation of the Philippines in 1988. Having earned the distinction of a Board-certified Dermatologist, she became a Diplomate in 1990 and Fellow in 1993 of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). She also is a con\\consultant at the Skin and Cancer Foundation Philippines

She practices mainly as hair transplant specialist and performs the 2 techniques in hair transplant surgery: namely Strip FUT and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). She is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons; a Founding President of Asian Hair Restoration Center and currently the Head of hair transplant service at the Wellness and Aesthetic Center of The Medical City in the Philippines. In 2014, Dr. Arambulo received the privilege and honor to be the first and only Filipino Diplomate of the the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). ABHRS (http://www.abhrs.com).

Her favourite topic to lecture is eyebrow transplant and cosmetic tattoo and had the privilege to be one of the contributing authors , chapter on her technique on Eyebrow transplant in the 2nd edition of the book ” Practical Aspects of Hair Transplantation in Asians”.