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Timothy Falla, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Rodan + Fields, United States
Title : Innovation in dermatological skin care


The use of a daily skincare regimen, that delivers dermatologic benefit, has a greater impact on how a person’s skin feels, looks and behaves on a daily basis than any other aspect of what a person might do to their skin. The combination of OTC and novel cosmetic ingredients has enabled companies to provide the individual user with innovative formulations that produce demonstrable visible results. The explosion of information and data now available globally has empowered the consumer to understand more, expect more and to see more when it comes to their skincare products. To match those expectations companies are creating powerful formulations to effectively cleanse, treat, protect and moisturize the skin. Consistent use of a daily regimen can lead to reproducible results particularly in the four key skincare focus areas; aging, sensitivity, acne and sun damage. Hydration is essential to all four areas but in particular aging skin, with new innovation bringing water molecules into the top layers of skin not only producing a more efficient and younger functioning environment but also assisting the uptake of other key ingredients. Hyaluronic acids and glycerin are still the key molecular drivers in this area but innovative delivery of such compounds has developed significantly in the last few years leading to vast improvements in skin hydration. Improving texture and tone with alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic and malic acids have now been joined in the marketplace by less irritating options such as polyhydroxy acids lactobionic acid and gluconolactone. Redensification has for some time been driven by the retinoids with retinoic acid and retinol but with improved stabilization chemistry retinaldehyde is providing a less irritating highly efficacious option. In addition, retinoids also help address other cosmetic issues such as aspects of acne and brightening. Sensitive skin remains a major skincare concern for many and there are now a broad range of ingredients targeting this multifactorial issue. Targeting barrier function, inflammation and sensory nerve abnormalities is key along with protecting the skin from being triggered into a sensitive condition. Clinically proven formulations, that people want to use every day, that provide the right ingredients in the right concentration delivered in the right way, can significantly benefit how an individual’s skin looks and feels. This is the basis a multi-step science approach skincare.


Dr. Timothy Falla is the VP of R&D at Rodan + Fields. For over 25 years Dr. Falla has worked in the discovery and development of prescription drugs, OTC dermatology products and skincare products and has been with Rodan + Fields since 2011. Previously he served as CSO of Helix BioMedix Inc., where he was responsible for introducing innovative technologies into more than 100 dermatological products targeting acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, photoaging and inflammation. His work has resulted in more than 30 patents and patent applications and over 100 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Falla holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology and a PhD in Molecular Epidemiology