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Anggi Y Utami, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Indonesian Medical Aesthetic institution, Indonesia
Title : New perspective combining peeling mesotherapy mesobotox and microinsulated radiofrequency as combo treatment for acne


Acne is a common inflammatory skin disease that affects pilosebaceous skin units. This usually long-standing disease can have severe psychological effects and can leave patients with severe skin scarring. There are a number of pathophysiologists who are recognized to be responsible for acne which is also the target of acne therapy. In this review, various treatment options are discussed.

Acne has been extensively studied with regard to the mechanism of disease and treatment options. The increased resistance of Propionibacterium acnes to available antibiotics, there is a need for new treatment methods.

Relatively little attention has been given to the role of antioxidants in acne vulgaris. Here, the author discusses the role of antioxidants, active substances that inhibit enzyme 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, botulinum toxin, and microinsulated radiofrequency in the pathogenesis of acne by specifying active ingredients that can contribute to clinical changes in acne treatment. To investigate this effect, we conducted a preliminary study by applying the active substance with a microneedling technique mixed with active ingredients of peeling, mesobotox and microinsulated radiofrequency.

This presence, along with positive results from the authors’ preliminary study, shows the need for further exploration of the use of topical antioxidants in limiting free radical oxidation in the treatment of acne. This paper is designed to stimulate academic discussion about new ways of thinking about acne conditions


Anggi Y. Utami is the Founder of a medical aesthetic institution LEMBAGA ESTETIKA MEDIK www.kursusestetika.com at 2009, the first educational institution taught aesthetics for general practitioners and beauty salons in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia. and up to 2019 the aesthetic institution has more than 1700 student from Indonesia,Malaysia,vietname, philiphina, brunai Darussalam.