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Khodjaeva Nigora Bakhromovna, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Centre of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology, Uzbekistan
Title : Pathogenetic aspects of photo-aging and modern methods of treatment


Aging of the skin is an actual problem of modern dermatology and cosmetology. Currently, it is widely accepted to consider such types of skin aging as natural, postmenopausal and photoaging separately from each other. While natural aging of the skin is a genetically programmed process, photoaging of the skin results from its chronic damage by UV rays, causing premature development of heliodermatitis or actinic dermatosis, which reduces the quality of life. In international practice, photoaging of skin at different levels is the most common issue among the dermatological and cosmetological problems. It represents a pronounced cosmetic defect, which often leads to psychoemotional discomfort. This circumstance, in turn, reduces the quality of life of patients, leads to various social problems associated with limiting the choice of profession, employment and social perspective, and to financial difficulties due to the duration of treatment and its high cost. The purpose of this research is to study molecular genetic factors, when photoaging occurs, and to improve the pathogenetic method of therapy.

Materials and methods: There were 107 patients, aged from 18 to 68 years, with photoaging illness. 82.2 percent of which were women and 17.8 percent were men.

A number of research methods were used, including clinical, statistical, morphological, molecular – genetic, and ELISA analyzes

In conclusion, the use of complex PRP-therapy in combination with hyaluronic acid in patients with photo-aging significantly improves the trophism of the skin and restores its structure. Epidermal formations, especially dermal lesions, are reduced. Normalization of the concentration of growth factors in patients with photo-aging of the skin, who received the combined therapy, is proved by the effective action of the growth factors on the biological molecules, which are of paramount importance in the structure of the skin.



Khodjaeva Nigora Bakhromovna was born in 1985, graduated from Tashkent Medical Institute in 2009, got Master degree in 2012 in field of Dermatovenereology in the same institute. She actively participates in national and international conferences as a member of the Association of Dermatovenereoligists of Uzbekistan. At this time holds a position of junior research scientist at the clinic of the Republican Specialized scientific – practical – medical Centre of dermatology, venereology and cosmetology under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.