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Wonseok Choi, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
V Plastic and Aesthetic Clinic, Korea, Republic of
Title : Rejuvenation by New Thread Lifting (SLONA lifting) and Filler(S signature filler)


Minimal invasive surgery is currently the most popular field in the field of cosmetic surgery.
Especially, Botulinum toxin, Filler, and Thread treatment is the most commonly performed minimal invasive
One of the key treatments is Filler and Thread.
Filler must have excellent elasticity and cohesiveness, yet has a good mold.
Thread should not have the complication of the procedure and with no downtime of the patient.
I would like to introduce Non-invasive Facial Living and Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, which are commonly performed in
Korea, using S-signature® filler and SLONA® thread.
I’m sure it will help your hospital in a simple and immediate way.


Chief, V plastic surgery, Korea Korea board certified plastic surgeon Doctor of Philosophy (M.D., Ph.D.) KAIST College of business, MBA Advisory and adjunct professor of Catholic medical university of Daegu, Korea Scholarship Committee of Korea Plastic Research Society of Botulinum toxin, Filler and thread Scholarship Committee of Asia Pacific Antiaging Course (APAAC) Korea Government (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) Medical Korea Awards