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Hideo Nakayama, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Meguro Chen Dermatology Clinic, Japan
Title : True causation of intractable atopic dermatitis and actually effective treatment by mite fauna investigation of patients’ homes followed by environmental improvement


There is enough accumulated evidence to conclude that house dust mites (HDM) are the most significant causes of atopic dermatitis (AD). HDMs are known to increase serum IgE and RAST scores for Dps and Dfs, and will often show positive results among AD patients when a patch test using three crushed HDMs or a petrolatum-base test using many HDMs is performed.

However, HDMs are invisible to the naked eye as they measure less than 0.3 mm, and therefore even when thousands of HDMs are present in the interior of the patients’ homes, they live quietly without causing any noise, and therefore their presence cannot be detected by the patients.

The newly developed Methylene Blue Agar method (MBA) can reveal how many HDMs are present in each household furniture, and through this method, they can be reduced to less than 50/m2 per 20 seconds aspiration for all furniture and mattresses. It could dramatically improve severe symptoms of AD for patients who have even suffered for more than ten years. Because HDM of less than 50/m2 means the mite number 1 or 0 at 10 cm×10cm area, and it was under threshold of provocation of eczema of AD.


Hideo Nakayama MD Graduated from Keio University, School of medicine in 1961, Chief Dermatologist of Saiseikai Central Hospital: 1970-1995, Visiting Lecturer of Keio University Hospital: 1970-1995, Chief Dermatologist of Nakayama Dermatology Clinic: 1995-2015, Adviser doctor of Meguro Chen Dermatology Clinic: 2015-2018.