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Patience Johnson, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Derma Contour Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic Limited, Nigeria
Title : Acne scar reconstruction


The idea of the treatment is to find an alternative natural way of treating Scars and acne instead of the usual Retinoid, fillers, other steroids and anti-biotics to get a long lasting result. We applied Multi-treapanic collage actuation method. This is a treatment that uses several needles to create rapture on the scar surface thereby activating more collagen to fill up the scars. It is the best method so far to achieve a new and less sebum production tissue using different methods including laser.

We had 5 people in different age classes:

We tried examining the medical history, lifestyle, age, etc. to determine the underlying cause of the acne scars.

Client A - is a 21year old lady. The acne was caused by wrong use of cosmetic whitening cream.

Client B – is a 45year old lady with seborrhea acne for more than 25 years, has tried everything possible but to no avail, because of the various wrong treatments, she was left with deep Scars. The skin was still active with sebum production, so the treatment aimed at reducing the scar and the sebum production.

Client C – 37year old lady, acne caused by PCOS.

Client D – a 23year old lady with infection and wrong use of cosmetic product.

Client E – a 19year old young man with acne scar that makes him look older than his age.

All treatment was conducted every two weeks for the period of three months.


Dr. Patience Johnson is a world renowned German Trained Cosmetic Dermatologist with so much experience in Laser Technology, a Professor in health care, eminent Researcher and an edupreneur. The first African lady to acquire these titles of; Cosmetic Professional Landlady (BFA), specialist and manager in Germany. She is a medical Icon. She won the 2021 World Education Icon award as ‘’ICONIC Doctor and Leader’’ in India. She is a prolific writer, an Author, a beauty and Aesthetic Industry Entrepreneur. She has won so much awards on cooperate leadership including the German ‘’Adler Award’’ and World Education summit award. A German board certified Pedagogy. Founder and CEO of Derma Contour Skin Clinic worldwide with head office in Germany. She is currently consulting at Derma Contour Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic Abuja, treating different  kinds of skin issues.