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Yan Wu, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Peking University First Hospital, China
Title : Dermal injection of hyaluronic acid in improving skin texture: from bench to bed


Changes in skin quality include structural atrophy and functional defects of the epidermis and dermis caused by various reasons. These skin quality changes can manifest as dry skin and roughness, large pores, fine lines, acne scars and many more. Dermal injection of both non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid (NCLHA) and cross-linked hyaluronic acid (CLHA) can immediately increase the thickness and water content of the dermis and improve the skin quality, and thus, have become increasingly popular in clinics. Some animal experiments and human subject researches have shown changes in the dermal micro-environment after dermal HA injections, which induced continuous traction of fibroblasts and increased new collagen synthesis.

In comparison to NCLHA, the longer half-time and stronger expansion strength of CLHA provide a better and longer-lasting effect. Clinically, dermal injection of CLHA offers both rapid and long-lasting effects on improving skin quality. Since the injection layer is intradermal, the results are relatively safe with less serious adverse reactions such as vascular occlusion.

However, because different products have different and unique characteristics and the thickness of the skin also vary among injection sites, it is important that clinicians are very familiar with the products and are able to strictly control the depth and amount of injection in order to achieve optimal results. This presentation focuses on the mechanisms, injection indications and contraindications, standardized treatment protocol for different treatment purposes and injection sites, common adverse reactions and solutions for clinical reference.


Dr. Yan Wu studied Dermatology at the Peking University, China, and graduated as MD and PhD in 2001. She then joined the Department of Dermatology at Peking University First Hospital and practiced as a dermatologist. She majors in aesthetic dermatology and has expertise in lasers and other energy-based device treatments, peelings, BOTOX injections, filler injections etc. At the same time, she focuses on skin physiology research work. She has published more than 90 papers in core journals and more than twenty articles in SCI (E) journals.