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Madhu Gupta, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, India
Title : Revolutionary natural biopolymers for wound healing therapy: borrowing from nature


Chronic, non-healing diabetic wounds put a massive economic burden on health services causing patient incompliance and discomfort. Thorough interpreting of chronic wound pathophysiology led to the fabrication of targeted systems of drug delivery that can improve and accelerate the wound healing process. Natural polymers or biopolymers are now explored for the fabrication of wound dressings. Hence, in this review article, the pathophysiological aspects of chronic wounds, current treatment approaches, and potential biomaterials employed for treating wounds are explicated. The main emphasis is on biopolymers which aid in creating innovative systems based on nanotechnology for effective skin generation in chronic wounds.


Dr. Madhu Gupta is working as an Associate Professor in Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, New Delhi. She has research experience pertaining to drug delivery to nanoformulations for magical molecule delivery, bioligands for targeting of bioactives and drug moiety, biopolymers, cancer nanomedicine as well as topical delivery. She has over 80 research publications to her credit published in journals of high scientific impact and contributed 30 chapters in various renowned books with h index 20 and more than 100 citations.. She has the recipient of Research Excellence of the Year 2020, Youth Education Icon of the Year 2018, Young Scientist Award, Best Administrative Service Award, IDMA-G.P. Nair award and Prof. C.S. Chauhan award, BioAsia Innovation Award – 2012, Grace India awards. She has also filed the PCT patent for effective wound healing therapy