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Ago Harlim, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Universitas Kristen , Indonesia
Title : Warning silicon ingredient in daily uses cosmetic



Silicone is a chemical element with semimetallic characteristic, which is derived from cross-linked polymer with methyl siloxane as the basic element. In daily life, silicone can be found as simeticone (antifoams used in antacids), silicone oil for lubricant and cosmetic products such as conditioner and shampoo to make hair silky and shiny.

In using cosmetic products, there are risks of silicone penetrating the skin. New technology may increase this penetration which causes complications. The most frequent complications from silicone injection are chronic inflammation, redness, foreign body reaction, and granuloma. This research was conducted with the aim of evaluating silicone level in normal female skin tissue who used daily cosmetics.


This research  involved thirty seven female skin from face lift surgery compared to female skin who had developed granuloma after silicone injection. The silicon levels in skin samples were measured using an atomic absorbance spectrophotometer.


The average silicone level found in normal individuals was low, at 44.07±75.86 μg/g, compared to the average silicone level found in those who developed post-silicone granuloma, at 1709.21±1851.72 μg/g, which is 38 times higher.


Silicon may be found in normal skin tissue due to daily use of cosmetic products. There are some risks of silicone penetrating the skin, mainly by using cosmetic products containing silicone daily. Further study is needed to understand how the topical silicone can penetrate into the skin.