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Lucia Calvisi, Speaker at Cosmetology Conferences
Chief of Cosmetic Clinic Centro Dermatologico Lucia Calvisi, Italy
Title : Millennials lips versus aged lips: What are the differences?


Introduction: More and more patients come to our clinics asking for lip augmentation ; but what are the differences in the approach of the young millennials compared to the older patients?
Aim of the study: Analyze the different type of treatment and the different types of fillers used in these two different age groups. The filler belonging to the category of dynamic fillers
Materials and methods: The patients were divided into two age groups, 20-30 years and over 40. The fiilers used were for the first category a dynamic hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 23mg / ml but with G' 153PA, for the second category always a dynamic filler but with a molecular weight of 23mg / ml with G '146 PA and different cohesivity.
Results: In relation to the expectations of the patients and thanks to the type of the filler that we have used, we were able to obtain a different lip volumization.
Surprisingly, some millennials asked us for a more natural result so we used the lowest G 'filler.
Conclusions: The lips play a key role in the aesthetics of the face, with a different request in younger patients compare to older patients.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • They will have an explanation about the new trend of lip enanchement and the different request between young people and over forty.
  • It will help to chose for the same area, the right product according to the result that they want to obtain, and the proper technique.
  • If you need a deeper training we can organize specific workshop.
  • For a Dermatologist, who is mostly involved in Cosmetic field, this are daily problems.
  • Yes it improve the accuracy of a design and provide new information to assist in a design 
  • New trend according to the social media marketing, more confidence in the choice of the right product and technique.


Dr. Lucia Calvisi studied Medicine at University of Cagliari, Italy and graduated as Medical Doctor with full marks in 2001. She then took her specialization in Dermatology in the same University in 2005 with full marks. After that she improved her skills in the Aesthetic fields with a lot of courses in Italy, French and Usa. Actually she is the Chief of a Cosmetic Clinic in her city, Cagliari. She is also, Key Opinion Leader for the most important company in the field of Aesthetics, like Teoxane, Dermaceutic, La Roche Posay, Galderma, Sinclair. She teaches Aesthetic Medicine as Professor At University of Pisa, and at Master Of Pegaso. She had published lot of researches amd she is co-author of books about Cosmetic Dermatology.