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Ejigayehu Kassa, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Laba Media and Communications Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Title : Self Portrait


According to Doctors, this is a skin that has never been seen before at this stage. I am a journalist and filmmaker by profession. I had never had any health problems for many years. At one point I felt something unusual in my right side of my leg and arm. Itching and Marking. It was confined to one part of the right wing and spread rapidly. After a year, it started appearing on other parts of my body. On my back, under my feet and on my neck. But what happened after that was very difficult. What happened to my scalp in my hair was terrifying. The skin on my scalp started to get sore from the hair. The situation was very painful and difficult. In the same season, another amazing event was that a few dots on my forehead completely changed in two or three days. The skin on my face started to peel and fall off. It was an amazing scene. During that time it became impossible to sleep, stand or sit. During all this, I captured visual and audio evidence. I was recording the daily changes on my phone. The purpose of this study is to address this evidence-based approach to skin disease and recovery. I call the film you made a self-portrait because it is my self-portrait. They explained to me that the skin disease that I have seen in my treatment both in the country and abroad is unusual and new. I believe that the proof will be helpful to the experts in the field

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • In particular, it helps medical professionals to find evidence of real pain supported by action beyond words.
  • It helps for research and study .
  • Since the level of the disease is unprecedented, the solution obtained through the efforts will be the starting point for the next similar case.


Ejigayehu Kassa, a Journalist and  have a special interest in film and Television programs, she  has been serving for different electronics media enterprises as producer of Tv programs and director of educational films. Most of her productions are focused on the issue of vulnerable children,women and disabilities. She received Masters  of Film production/ MFA/ from Addis Ababa University .One of her short films entitled' Eremat' has been awarded by the Embassy of United states of America   and she has also a short film entitled 'self portrait 'for presentation at European  film festival. Despite her health problems due to a serious skin disease that she had contracted years ago,she made a film of her daily experiences as a lesson.