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Boukhiam Meriem, Speaker at Dermatology Conference
Mohammed VI university of health sciences, Morocco
Title : Show me your feet and i will tell you who you are : A case of cryoglobulinemia and a case of bazin erythema induratum both manifesting primarily with peripheral skin lesions of the feet.


Two patients, one initial manifestation, and a different hospital course. This project illustrates the involvement of skin in systemic and cutaneous vasculitis. The poster is a presentation of two case reports: bazin erythema induratum revealed upon the skin biopsy of painful swollen recurrent nodules on the feet of a 56 years old Moroccan female, and another case about a 50 years old female with multiple small papules, livedo racemosa and cutaneous necrotising vasculitides on the lower extremeties of both legs. This work highlights the importance of a meticulous investigation and lab workup to rule out differentials as well as determining new characteristics of these lesions to help build specific criteria in the diagnosis of vasculopathies.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • The importance of a well detailed history, physical examination and lab work up to diagnose vasculitis.
  • Clinical presentation of skin lesions and their characteristics contribute to ruling out other diagnosis.
  • In  Erythema induratum of Bazin the skin lesions happen mainly on the legs. The classical recurrent pattern of presentation, the strongly positive tuberculin skin test, the possible evidence of tuberculosis elsewhere in the body and the good response to the treatment with antituberculous drugs shows are all in favour of the diagnosis.
  • In cryoglubulinemia, the manifestations of small vessel vasculitides are often versatile and may involve both the skin and internal organs, including the kidney.

This project aims to motivate other professionals to gather more visual characteristics when faced with these vasculopathies, to help establish new diagnostic criteria that might render a histological proof optional.


Boukhiam Meriem is a final year medical student at the University Mohammed VI of Health Sciences in  Morocco, who is very passionate about research in the medical field and is always searching for opportunities to gain and spread more knowledge on different topics.