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Ejigayehu Kassa, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Laba Media and Communications Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Title : Exploring the Social Impact of Skin Allergies: A Comprehensive Analysis


Skin allergies are a common and distressing health problem affecting a significant portion of the population. Their impact extends beyond physical discomfort, often leading to psychological and social consequences. This research aims to investigate the social impact of skin allergies, with a particular focus on the face as a primary indicator of personal identity in society. Through a comprehensive review of existing literature, this study will examine the various dimensions of the social impact caused by skin allergies. It will explore the psychological distress experienced by individuals due to altered facial appearance, such as low self-esteem, feelings of embarrassment, and decreased social confidence. Additionally, the research will investigate how these negative emotions can further contribute to social isolation, withdrawal from social activities, and impaired interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, this study will shed light on the societal stigmatization and misconceptions surrounding skin allergies. It will explore the biases and discrimination faced by individuals with skin allergies, including workplace discrimination, reduced employment opportunities, and limited educational prospects. The research will also examine the impact of media portrayal and societal beauty standards on the self-perception and social integration of individuals with skin allergies. To gather empirical data, a mixed-methods approach will be employed, combining qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys. The qualitative interviews will provide in-depth insights into the personal experiences and emotional struggles faced by individuals with skin allergies, while the surveys will offer a broader perspective on the prevalence and severity of the social impact within the larger population. The findings of this research will contribute to a better understanding of the social implications associated with skin allergies. This knowledge can drive the development of more effective support systems, awareness campaigns, and policy initiatives aimed at reducing the social burden on individuals with skin allergies. Ultimately, the research strives to promote inclusivity, empathy, and improved quality of life for those affected by skin allergies in our society.


Ejigayehu Kassa, a Journalist and  have a special interest in film and Television programs, she  has been serving for different electronics media enterprises as producer of Tv programs and director of educational films. Most of her productions are focused on the issue of vulnerable children,women and disabilities. She received Masters  of Film production/ MFA/ from Addis Ababa University .One of her short films entitled' Eremat' has been awarded by the Embassy of United states of America   and she has also a short film entitled 'self portrait 'for presentation at European  film festival. Despite her health problems due to a serious skin disease that she had contracted years ago,she made a film of her daily experiences as a lesson.