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Karolina Chilicka Hebel, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
University of Opole, Poland
Title : Effects of cosmetological treatment-Sonophoresis with green tea, bamboo extract and lacticacid on acne skin condition


Acne vulgaris is a prevalent dermatological disease characterized by skin eruptions, which may decrease the sufferer’s quality of life. The patients were divided into two groups. Group A underwent a sonophoresis procedure using ultrasound and ultrasound gel combined with a green tea and bamboo extract ampule. Group B was the placebo group, where sonophoresis was performed using only the ultrasound gel (no ampules). The members of the placebo group were convinced that they were undergoing sonophoresis with a green tea and bamboo extract ampule. Before and after the series of procedures, sebum levels were measured in the skin. Each patient underwent a series of 5 procedures using sonophoresis equipment at a one-week interval. Sonophoresis with the green tea and bamboo extract contributed to the reduction of skin eruptions and sebum levels in the participants of the study (group A).

Conclusions:  The study results demonstrate that the combined use of plant preparations and ultrasound has a positive effect on the skin of people suffering from acne vulgaris, including reduction of skin eruptions and sebum levels on the surface of the skin.


Her research interests are focusing on acne vulgaris skin, oil skin, cellulite. As a cosmetologist she is trying to use cosmetics and new cosmetological devices to reduce skin problems. Also very important aspect  in her research field is quality of life of her patients.