Title: Anterior cheek elevation with barbe wire: 15years

Kyung-Ho Lee

Hoya Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, Korea


1989 korean board cerfied for plastic surgery, 1998,fulltime faculty staff of yeongnam univ. dept. of plastic surgery, hoya plastic surgical clinic,Taegu city,south korea. 2003-2004, international board member for education committee of american society of plastic surgeons representing asia and Australia (1 only). 2002-2006 international speaker for botox (allergan) 


Concerning the charms of beautiful cheeks of womens are no need to be mentioned. Many surgical approaches can be done successfully, but frequent unnatural looking windblowned surgeried faces are encountered. Specifically for many  faced asin ladies. My Challenges for rejuvenation of ant.cheek will be presented as is & followed. 1 to 10,15 years Longterm results will be presented.In the early performed cases some failed by extrusion of barbed sutures,and facial enhancement results.

But by altering the surgical conepts I designed and performed technics according to the facial shapes of patients. I found out both operating surgeon and patients ,both, were enjoying the procedures .