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In the field of psychosomatic medicine, psychodermatology is a relatively new?specialty. It is the result of the interplay between the mind and the skin. Dermatology is more focused on the "external" visible disease, while psychiatry is more focused on the "internal" nonvisible diseases. Ectoderm, which connects the two disciplines at the embryonic level, connects the two disciplines. Skin interacts with the neuroendocrine and immune systems in a complicated way. Skin responds to both endogenous and external stimuli, detecting and integrating environmental cues as well as transmitting internal circumstances to the outside world. A psychodermatologic disorder is a condition in which the mind and the skin interact in some way. Psychophysiologic disorders, primary psychiatric disorders, and secondary psychiatric disorders are the three types of psychodermatologic disorders. 

  • Psychoneuroimmunology 
  • Psychophysiological Disorders 
  • Psychiatric Disorders with Dermatological Symptoms 
  • Dermatological Disorders with Psychiatric Symptoms 
  • Psychocutaneous Diseases 
  • Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Treatment 
  • Management of Psychodermatologic Disorders

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