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Bacterial Skin Diseases

The skin acts as a highly effective barrier against bacterial infections. Despite the fact that many microorganisms come into touch with or reside on the skin, they are unable to cause infection. Bacterial skin infections can range in size from a small site to the full body surface when they do arise. They can also vary in severity, from innocuous to life-threatening. Bacterial skin infections are caused by bacteria invading the body through hair follicles or small breaks in the skin caused by scrapes, punctures, surgeries, burns, sunburn, animal or insect bites, wounds, and previous skin conditions. Bacterial skin infections can occur as a result of a range of activities, such as gardening in contaminated soil or swimming in a contaminated pond, lake, or ocean. In the tropics, bacterial skin infections are more likely to arise after bites and other wounds, especially if adequate hygiene is not maintained. 

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