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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail, and hair problems, and cellulite. It is a blend of medical and surgical aspects. Dermatology procedures improve the skin's external appearance by treating disorders such as hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, and wrinkles. Cosmetic dermatology helps patients who wish to keep their youthful appearance by reversing the signs of ageing or who want to make aesthetic modifications to their skin. Cosmetic dermatology procedures are quite common and useful in medicine, and they are used to complement topical and oral treatments for photodamaged skin as well as other dermatoses like acne, rosacea, scars, and so on. Full-face treatments using peelings, lasers, fillers, and toxins are also becoming more popular, successfully replacing or postponing the need for plastic surgery. Overall, these procedures not only produce immediate effects, but also assist patients in achieving long-term benefits, such as preventing/treating dermatological conditions and retaining a healthy and youthful appearance.

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