Title: Imiquimod. Review from a clinical case

Eduardo Alejandro Figueroa

Dermatology National University of Tucuman, Argentina



Medical director care center Las Talas provincial health system Tucuman - Argentina

Professor Chair of Dermatology National University of Tucuman - Argentina

Specialist in university teaching in health sciences


I present the case of a 21-year-old patient with a diagnosis of keloid acne with excellent response to topical treatment with imiquimod. There are few worldwide reports of the use of imiquimod in keloid acne. Then I review the use of imiquimod in dermatology during the exhibition period.  

Audience take away:

The audience will be able to learn the uses of the imiqumod topico in different diseases of the skin.

Knowing the uses of imiquimod topic would facilitate the medical and dermatological work since it is an economical and easy to use medication in different dermatoses.

Yes, more research work is needed with groups of patients diagnosed with keloid acne of the neck to evaluate efficacy and safety.

Yes, since the keloid acne of the neck is a difficult pathology to treat and the imiquimod was a practical alternative with few adverse effects with good response

Yes, provide new information to assist in a design problem.