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Charles Ivan Salanga, Speaker at Dermatology conference
Saint Louis University, Philippines
Title : The beauty paradigm shift: Aesthetic disruptors and chemical engineering in AI-Driven nanocosmeceuticals


The beauty industry experiences a transformative shift driven by the convergence of Aesthetic Disruptors and Chemical Engineering within the realm of AI-Driven Nanocosmeceuticals. Chemical engineers collaborate closely with experts in chemistry, toxicology, and healthcare to contribute significantly to enhancing individuals' quality of life. This transformation is profoundly influenced by society's universal pursuit of youthful aesthetics, recognized as a key component of overall well-being. Cosmetic formulations have evolved to encompass a wide array of elements, including herbal extracts, macroalgae applications, natural and semi-synthetic polymers, synthetic polymers, and nanomaterials. Within this dynamic landscape, non-woven smart tissues, biodegradable carriers, and environmentally friendly biomaterials have emerged as crucial components to address pollution and climate change concerns, further amplified by the imperative for sustainable practices arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the chemical manufacturing process of cosmetics and personal care products, chemical engineers uphold rigorous quality control standards, optimizing design, unit operations, and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest product quality. Central to this paradigm shift is the meticulous selection of ingredients, which profoundly impacts the properties and effectiveness of the final products. This research delves into the synergistic interplay of Aesthetic Disruptors and Chemical Engineering within the realm of AI- Driven Nanocosmeceuticals, reshaping the cosmetics and beauty industry and offering safer, more effective, and environmentally conscious products.
Keywords: Aesthetic Disruptors, Chemical Engineering, AI-Driven Nanocosmeceuticals, Cosmetics, Sustainability, Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology


Charles Ivan Salanga, a driven 21-year-old undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at Saint Louis University, has made significant academic strides. He published a research paper in the Scopus-indexed IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Guided by a distinguished mentor, an alumnus of Harvard University and The University of Arizona College of Engineering and Medicine, Charles recently showcased his research at the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCCHE) Congress 2023. His unwavering commitment extends to merging Neuroscience with Chemical Engineering, aiming to pioneer eco-friendly solutions for climate change. With a focus on materials science and nanotechnology, Charles aspires to elevate global living standards while inspiring future generations of chemical engineers. Beyond academics, he remains an enthusiastic explorer, determined to leave a lasting positive impact on the world.